Beyond Growth 2023 Conference.

Maria Zambrano Fellow, Autonomous University of Barcelona
Giacomo D’Alisa

Giacomo D’Alisa

Giacomo D’Alisa is a political ecologist and ecological economist. His research is action-oriented and, with a strong community service component, contributes to sustainability studies and impact on society. He mainly contributes to four scientific camps, i.e. waste environmental conflicts and crimes, the role of the State in adaption to environmental disasters and ecological transformations, low carbon and just transition towards degrowth and post-growth societies, and the analysis of the Commons and social movement commoning practices.

He is currently the co-Director of the Master in Political Ecology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

He is a founding Research & Degrowth International member and is internationally recognised for his core role in the degrowth scholarship. His first co-edited book “Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era, is a landmark publication in the field. His last co-authored book, The Case for Degrowth, promotes a combination of Universal Care Income and Universal Basic Services as two out of five main policies to move forward in a degrowth society.