Beyond Growth 2023 Conference.

Co-chair of Verdes Equo and former MEP (Greens/EFA)
Florent Marcellesi

Florent Marcellesi

Florent Marcellesi is co-chair of the Spanish Greens (Verdes Equo) and former Green MEP. He was one of the organizers of the post-growth 2018 conference in the European Parliament. In 2022 in Valencia, he participated in the first international “Four Day Week Summit” on the future of work, while his parliamentary group in the Spanish Congress (Más País-Verdes Equo) is the promotor of the current pilot project on the reduction of working time in Spain. He is the author, among others,

of "21 horas, una semana laboral más corta para prosperar en el siglo XXI" (Icaria, 2012) or "Adiós al crecimiento. Vivir bien en un mundo solidario y sostenible" (El Viejo Topo, 2013).