Beyond Growth 2023 Conference.

Professor, University of Pisa
Simone d’Alessandro

Simone d’Alessandro

Simone D’Alessandro is Professor at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa. He received the PhD degree in Economics at the University of Siena. He is the Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Economics of Tuscan Universities (Florence, Pisa and Siena) and leads the focus area on Societal Transition for a Sustainable Economy at the Responsible Management Research Center (REMARC) of the University of Pisa.

Simone’s research interests involve the distribution of income and wealth, development economics, behavioural economics, social ecological sustainability. His work in recent years is focused on the socio-economic impacts of policies to promote the transition towards sustainability. Since 2017, he has collaborated with the Greens/EFA Group at the European Parliament starting with the project “A fair and sustainable post-growth economy: study and model project” which led to the development of the EUROGREEN model.

He is responsible for University of Pisa in H2020 project, “Low-carbon society: an enhanced modelling tool for the transition to sustainability” (LOCOMOTION). He was Principal Investigator of the project “Social cohesion in the ecological transition”, founded by the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition. His contributions are published in journals, such as, among others, Nature Sustainability, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Scientific Reports, Ecological Economics,  Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Exploration in Economic History, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, Journal of Economic Inequality, European Journal of Political Economy.