Beyond Growth 2023 Conference.

Professor at the National Museum of Natural History (Paris) and President of the Scientific Council of the French Biodiversity Office
Frédérique Chlous

Frédérique Chlous

Frédérique Chlous is Professor of anthropology at the “Museum national of Natural History” in France, where she is currently director of the scientific department "Man and Environment". Her research, most often conducted in an interdisciplinary manner, focuses on the relationship between humans and marine environments and concerns local knowledge, know-how and representations of the environment. The forms of governance of natural areas including stakeholders and the question of their evaluation are now the subject of several of her works.  She experiments and analyzes participatory approaches in order to discuss and take into account the diversity of relationships that populations/users have with their environment and the processes of patrimonialization. Frédérique Chlous has chaired the scientific council of the Office Français de la Biodiversité since its creation.