Beyond Growth 2023 Conference.

Principal Fellow, New Economics Foundation
Anna Coote

Anna Coote

Anna Coote is Principal Fellow at the New Economics Foundation (NEF). A leading analyst, writer and advocate in social policy, she has written widely on social justice, sustainable development, working time, public health policy, public involvement, democratic dialogue, gender and equality. She directs the Social Guarantee initiative, which promotes universal access to life’s essentials within planetary boundaries.

Earlier posts include Director of Health Policy at the King’s Fund, Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research, Editor of current affairs television at Diverse Productions and Deputy Editor of the New Statesman.  She was Commissioner for Health with the UK Sustainable Development Commission from 2000 to 2009.

Her recent publications include Universal Basic Services: Provisioning for our needs within a fair consumption space (2023, Hot or Cool Institute) and ‘A Social Guarantee to meet everyone’s needs within environmental limits’,Political Quarterly (2022, Vol 93:4).  She is co-author of The Case for Universal Basic Services (2020 Polity Press) and The Case for a Four Day Week (2020 Polity Press).

Her other publications (with sole or co-authorship) include Building a New Social Commons, (NEF: 2017); People, Planet Power: Towards a New Social Settlement (NEF: 2015); The Wisdom of Prevention (NEF 2012); Claiming the Health Dividend: Unlocking the power of NHS Spending (King’s Fund, 2002); New Gender Agenda, editor, (IPPR with Fawcett Society, 2000); Citizens' Juries, (IPPR 1994); The Welfare of Citizens: Developing new social rights, editor (IPPR/Rivers Oram Press, 1992); The Family Way (IPPR 1990); Sweet Freedom (Basil Blackwell, 1987) and Women's Rights: A Practical Guide (Penguin, 1974, 78, 82).