Beyond Growth 2023 Conference.

Director of PRIME- Policy Research in Macroeconomics
Ann Pettifor

Ann Pettifor

Ann Pettifor is a political economist and is best known for predicting the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-9 with her book: The Coming First World Debt Crisis (Palgrave, 2006).

In 2008 she (together with colleagues from the economics and environmental sectors) co-wrote the original Green New Deal (GND). In 2017, Pettifor published The Production of Money, and in  2019  The Case for The Green New Deal. In January 2022 the Scottish government appointed Pettifor to its Just Transition Commission. Ms Pettifor writes a regular newsletter on Substack: System Change.

Political economist, author and public speaker based in London (UK). Known for her work on sovereign debt and the international financial architecture, she led a campaign, Jubilee 2000, which as part of an international movement resulted ultimately in the cancellation of approximately $100 billion of debt owed by the poorest countries; and in the clearance by the Nigerian government of $30 billion of debt in 2005. She is the Director of PRIME (Policy Research in Macroeconomics) a network of economists that promote Keynes’s monetary theory and policies, and that focus on the role of the finance sector in the economy. PRIME members believes that conventional or ‘mainstream’ economic theory has proved of almost no relevance to the ongoing and chronic failure of the global economy and to the gravest threat facing us all: climate change