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Climate Justice and Human Rights activist
Adelaïde Charlier

Adelaïde Charlier

Adelaide Charlier, 22, is a Belgian climate justice and human rights activist. Together with Anuna De Wever, in January 2019, she launched the Youth Climate Movement which mobilised tens of thousands of Belgian students and citizens through school strikes. In October 2019, she is embarking on a sailboat with 30 young Europeans to attend the COP 25 (originally planned in Chile); the aim is to draw attention to alternative modes of transport. Once in Brazil, she attended the Amazonia Centro del Mundo summit, where she met indigenous communities and scientists.

After a one-year internship at the European Parliament, Adelaide is now special advisor to Mr Timmermans (Vice-President of the European Commission) on the Green Deal.

Together with Greta Thunberg, Luisa Neubauer and Anuna De Wever, she co-authored an open letter to several world leaders on the climate emergency, which was delivered to Ursula von Der Leyen, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Guiseppe Conte and Alexander de Croo.

Today, what occupies her days most is her commitment to demand a firmer and more ambitious policy in the face of the climate emergency. She also organises actions with citizens' groups to put pressure on private companies that still invest projects and funds in fossil fuels or in the destruction of the environment.

At the same time, she is studying Political and Social Sciences at the V.U.B. & UGent.