Beyond Growth 2023 Conference.
Pathways towards Sustainable Prosperity in the EU

Press information

The Beyond Growth 2023 Conference aims to come out with policy proposals and create a shift in how our society can move beyond the approach of national GDP growth being a measure of success. This will require an overhaul in the EU and national levels in our approach to economics, social and environmental policy and governance.

To discuss these issues, the conference will include the heads of the European Commission, Council and Parliament, high-level academics and experts, policy-makers from across the EU institutions, representatives of civil society organisations, social partners and citizens. The Beyond Growth 2023 is an initiative of 20 MEPs from five different political groups and supported by over 50 partner organisations.

You can register for the conference and for updates about Beyond Growth 2023 here.


The conference will take place at the European Parliament in Brussels, the 15-17th of May. There will be opportunities for interview requests with the participants, as well as filming opportunities ahead of and during the conference. The European Parliament’s media facilities can be made available upon request. Please get in touch for more.

Journalists, photographers and audiovisual teams who are not holders of joint EU-institutional media accreditation, need to apply for European Parliament media accreditation (and a recording permit when applicable) in order to work in the European Parliament via this link.

The conference media team will facilitate journalists attending the event and filming in and around the European Parliament, as well as in arranging interviews with panellists and others. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions ahead of the event. The conference media team will be on hand to facilitate interviews and press requests.

For more info please contact: