Side event: A salon with Tim Jackson: Imagining a ‘post-growth’ economy


The good news is that the prevalent economic logic is starting to shift. We've heard it already: exponential economic growth is unsustainable, resources are finite and planetary boundaries should lead decision-making processes. However, politicians, corporations, and economists alike still lead us to believe that our prosperity is intrinsically connected to growing GDP and a buoyant stock market. To provide prosperity for all while respecting planetary boundaries, it is imperative we transcend both the conventional growth-centred worldview and our growth-dependent economic and social systems.

Ecological economist Tim Jackson explores how to get there. Pioneering the potential for a new way of thinking in macroeconomics, Tim conceives of a post-growth economic system that acknowledges the ecological and resource constraints of our planet, and bases prosperity on more than materialistic gains. How do we transform our system and build a ‘post-growth’ economy? Join the conversation.

WHEN: Tuesday 16 May / 6.30 – 8.30 PM

WHERE: Full Circle, Chaussée de Vleurgat 89, 1050 Brussels

TICKET: Register for freee with the promotional code “TIMJACKSONFULLCIRCLE”: