Monday, 15.05.2023

Beyond Growth: Opening plenary – Limits to Growth: where do we stand and where do we go from here? Beyond Growth: Plenary 2 – Changing the goal: from GDP growth to social prosperity Beyond Growth: Focus Panels 1-4 Beyond Growth: Focus Panels 5-8

Tuesday, 16.05.2023

Beyond Growth: Plenary 3 – Addressing the limits of resource consumption: towards a resilient economy Beyond Growth: Plenary 4 – Understanding the biophysical limits to growth to build an economy that respects planetary boundaries Beyond Growth: Focus Panels 9-13 Beyond Growth: Focus Panels 14-16

Wednesday, 17.05.2023

Beyond Growth: Plenary 5 – Building post-growth macroeconomic governance framework: aligning tools, rules and policies with EU political goals Beyond Growth: Plenary 6 – The power of economic models on decision-making and society at large Beyond Growth: Closing plenary – Pathways from here: roadmap for a Green and Social Deal Beyond Growth: Focus Panels 17-20